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The best free stock screener that you can use it, easily adjust stock indicators and filter on sectors, daily volume, company capital or stock price ranges from less than $ 20 to several thousand dollars. Access US stock markets such as the NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, MUTUAL FUND, ETF And find the most suitable conditions with a few clicks.

Stock Technical Screener

Exchange Price Price Change %
Price Range Ratio 52W % Market Cap Sector
MACD ADX Williams %R
ROC Chaikin Money Flow Money Flow Index
EMA(10) SMA(10) EMA(20)
SMA(20) EMA(50) SMA(50)
EMA(100) SMA(100) EMA(200)

Stock Result

Symbol Company Name Sector Exchange
GRST Ethema Health Corporation Other mutual_fund
GRYN Green Hygienics Holdings Inc. Other mutual_fund
JJCB iPath B Bloomberg Copper Ttl Ret ETN Other amex
THNQ Robo Global Artificial Intelligence ETF Other nyse
GTCH GBT Technologies Inc. Other mutual_fund
GTHP Guided Therapeutics, Inc. Other mutual_fund
ESXB Community Bankers Trust Corporation FINANCE nasdaq
MLPS UBS ETRACS 1xM Shrt Alrn MLP Infr TR ETN Other amex
KDFI KFA Dynamic Fixed Income ETF Other nyse
GWSN Gulf West Security Network, Inc. Other mutual_fund
ENOB Enochian Biosciences, Inc. LIFE SCIENCES nasdaq
ZGNX Zogenix, Inc. LIFE SCIENCES nasdaq